My Hospital Bag

Much like many very pregnant women, I started reading every blog post imaginable about what to bring to the hospital and worried about bringing too much or not enough. Lol to that now, but you’re only a first time mom once. Below are my thoughts on the subject, as a scheduled cesarean mama who spent three nights in the hospital.

What I brought and actually used in the hospital:

  • Snacks! I had originally bought these snacks when I was still planning on a typical labor but they worked great for post-cesarean hospital life, too. I brought mini Gatorade bottles, RX bars and applesauce pouches. The Gatorade poured over ice was pure heaven for the post-birth sweats, let me tell you.
  • Travel sound machine – I had been sleeping with a sound machine for awhile so personally needed it, but it helped drown out hospital noises and may have been helpful for Baby, too.
  • A very long robe one size up
  • Nursing bras
  • Slippers (my doula recommended cheap flip flops, especially for labors and vaginal births, but I went with rubber soled slippers)
  • My own pillow
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo/body wash, hair ties and comb
  • One baby outfit in newborn size and one in size 0-3. For reference, Elliot was 8lb 8oz at birth and fit in the newborn outfit. I didn’t bring extra clothes for him, but kept him in a diaper and wrapped in a blanket for skin-to-skin the whole time we were in the hospital. 

What I brought to the hospital and did not use:

  • Leggings and tank tops – I lived in my robe and was not ready for pants over my scar for a couple weeks. Definitely still pack in case you are braver than me, but make sure you bring the maternity leggings and tank tops because that postpartum belly is no joke. 
  • Zip up hoodie – most lists tell you to bring layers to the hospital because the temperature shifts. Elliot was born during an insane heat wave, and I was a sweaty mess, but probably a good thing to bring along.
  • Makeup – I brought mascara, an eye brow pencil and cream blush because I thought my vanity would win over but it didn’t! I could not have cared less that my eyebrows weren’t on. 
  • Underwear – Yeah, no, that was not going to happen.

What the hospital provided:

  • A peri bottle for bathroom use (so helpful even though I had no labor/pushing trauma down there)
  • Disposable underwear (stole more to take home with me, wish I had taken more)
  • Water bottle with a straw
  • Lots of pillows for propping up Baby while breastfeeding (I did not bring my Boppy and it was totally fine)

For laborers: our midwives provided the twinkly lights in labor rooms, and I knew our doula would have brought essential oils so I didn’t bring those things. If there’s something that you think you’ll want for comfort during labor, it doesn’t hurt to bring it along. From my research reading a lot of lists, though, I do feel like the overwhelming response from new moms is that they brought things they *thought* they’d need but didn’t.

New mamas: Anything you’d add to the list? What were you were you so happy to have with you?

(Photo by Emma Mullins Photography)

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