Our Nursery

As you’ll see from these pictures, we kept things SIMPLE in Elliot’s nursery. Cam and I are pretty minimalist throughout the house, and I’m not very Pinterest-y, even when it comes to baby stuff. 

When we were preparing for Baby, I knew that I wanted him to sleep in our room for the first few months and that decorating a baby’s room is much more for the parents than for the baby. My priorities were a crib, a glider, and a dresser without a built-in changing station so it could be reused later. And folks, that’s about all I did! 

Before the nursery was the nursery, it was poor Cam’s office. He had thoughtfully picked out his things (even though I told him it would be a baby’s room sooner than he thought…) and we ended up using some of what he already had. One of the shelves was repurposed to a bookshelf and the Flor tiles were colorful and seemed easy to clean. Even though we knew the sex of the baby, I wanted the room to be pretty gender-neutral. 

For whatever reason, I wanted the nursery to include a map. Bored at work one day I came across this map and became obsessed with it. It was pretty early on in the pregnancy, but I *needed* that map for Baby (oh, pregnancy hormones). After he was born, I added the two frames on the side, one with his little footprints and the other with a picture from our family photos when Elliot was three months old. 

I love our crib and glider. They weren’t pocket change, by any means, but the quality has been great and we were pretty cost-conscious throughout the process so I didn’t mind splurging a bit on these items. In hindsight, I could’ve been better at looking for used cribs to save some money and be more sustainable. The glider is a dark gray-ish color and hides the insane amount of spit up that is already all over it. It’s where I exclusively nurse Elliot now (he is easily distracted everywhere else), so it’s my favorite spot in the house.

For a dresser, we went with the ever popular Ikea Hemnes and two sets of their drawer organizers. I do the KonMari fold for his clothes and just keep his current size in the drawers. Other sizes are kept in bins in the basement. Pictures below in case you’re into real life, not-pretty organizing 😉

Drawer 1: diapers (daytime and overnight) and baby care; Drawer 2: clothes; Drawer 3: blankets, extra toiletries, thermometer, random baby things

The closet is not cute and doesn’t even have a door on it because I took it off to paint it when we bought the house and then forgot about it (oops). But it gets the job done with his little sweaters and rompers hung on hangers because it’s adorable, and diapers, wipes, and breastfeeding/pumping stuff that I’m not currently using above. In the drawers below are towels, extra sheets, and baby wearing wraps. On the left is the Baby Bjorn travel crib which is so easy to travel with and worth the price, in my opinion.

When Elliot got a little older, Cam bought removable blackout shades from Home Depot to go behind our shades purely because we wanted to put up Christmas lights and they were right in front of Elliot’s window. Elliot hasn’t been super sensitive to light when he sleeps, but some babies are, and these literally just stick onto your windows and do the job. Only downside is they are not easy to move up and down, so it stays dark in his room all the time, even when I would like to let in some natural light. Hoping we can phase out of those for naps, soon. 

One last thing – Cam hooked the dinosaur lamp up to a “foot pedal switch” so he could easily turn the lamp on and off while holding the baby. We hate overhead lighting so we only use the lamp, and it is easier to step on the switch. It makes me smile now because that was one of his first problem solving dad moments and he was very proud. 

And that’s it! I love his little room and love that we can add to it as he gets bigger, needs more things, and comes up with his own opinions of what he wants in there.

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