Surviving the Fourth Trimester: For You and Your Partner

The baby is here! They’re beautiful! How in the world was this fully formed human just living inside of you, and is now on the outside with eyes and ears and the softest skin you didn’t even think was possible. This little miracle is amazing, and also brings about one of the most profound shiftsContinue reading “Surviving the Fourth Trimester: For You and Your Partner”

Preparing Mama for a Scheduled Cesarean

Oh boy, how I would love for this to not be the title of my birth prep story, but what can you do! About two weeks before Elliot came Earthside, I picked the day we would meet him. This post is focused on how I prepared for myself, and there will be a separate postContinue reading “Preparing Mama for a Scheduled Cesarean”

My Hospital Bag

Much like many very pregnant women, I started reading every blog post imaginable about what to bring to the hospital and worried about bringing too much or not enough. Lol to that now, but you’re only a first time mom once. Below are my thoughts on the subject, as a scheduled cesarean mama who spent threeContinue reading “My Hospital Bag”

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

When I told my acupuncturist that I was pregnant, she told me that the Chinese want their pregnant women sitting, looking at beautiful things, and getting fat. I didn’t go this far because I know moving my body and working out help me *feel* better physically and most importantly mentally, but I appreciated the permissionContinue reading “Staying Healthy During Pregnancy”

Creating a “Minimalist” Registry

I’m one of those people who LOVED making my baby registry because I had basically already made one in my head over the years watching what my mom friends had collected and used. I know this can be stressful for a lot of women, though, especially if you’re not into having a ton of stuffContinue reading “Creating a “Minimalist” Registry”

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