My Hospital Bag

Much like many very pregnant women, I started reading every blog post imaginable about what to bring to the hospital and worried about bringing too much or not enough. Lol to that now, but you’re only a first time mom once. Below are my thoughts on the subject, as a scheduled cesarean mama who spent threeContinue reading “My Hospital Bag”

Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

When I told my acupuncturist that I was pregnant, she told me that the Chinese want their pregnant women sitting, looking at beautiful things, and getting fat. I didn’t go this far because I know moving my body and working out help me *feel* better physically and most importantly mentally, but I appreciated the permissionContinue reading “Staying Healthy During Pregnancy”

Creating a “Minimalist” Registry

I’m one of those people who LOVED making my baby registry because I had basically already made one in my head over the years watching what my mom friends had collected and used. I know this can be stressful for a lot of women, though, especially if you’re not into having a ton of stuffContinue reading “Creating a “Minimalist” Registry”

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